• bai jia bei 百家被

    /bī/ /jə/ /bāy/ noun

    1. one hundred families quilt

    2. a beautiful Chinese tradition whereby family, friends, and village members contribute fabric to make a two-layered quilt for a new baby

  • peipei 被被

    /pāy•pāy/ noun

    1. blankie in Cantonese

    2. a patchwork quilt inspired by baijia bei that comes with a book or card filled with wishes from a baby's village

Our Products

  • Baby Peipei, Patchwork Hearts, a Mini, a Midi, and an Original. Three quilts in three different sizes. They have multicolored patches that form a heart on a teal background


    We call our organic handmade quilts "peipeis" which is blankie in Cantonese. We chose soft poplin for the patchwork top and cozy cotton Sherpa and fleece for the backing.

    The professional craftwomanship combined with 100% organic cotton fabrics create a blanket that will embrace and comfort the recipient for life.

    NEW: Peipeis now come in three sizes- Original, Midi, and Mini!

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  • Baby Peipei, Crowdfunding Page and Book. 3 images: 1. crowdfunding webpage with Boho Rainbow on Huckleberry, progress bar, and pictures of the fabrics 2. book cover with a rainbow and text

    Personalized Webpage & Book

    Baby's village can group-gift a peipei with a personalized webpage!

    Share the link with village members so they can purchase the quilt's individual patches and submit wishes. We then take those wishes and compile them into a custom, USA-made keepsake board book.

    This option costs an additional fee but a $25 deposit is all you need to get started!

    Personalized Webpage Sample 
  • Baby Peipei, Boho Patchwork Peipei with Card. A card with a rainbow and text


    Our cards are made from 100% recycled paper and printed using plant-based toners.

    The inside is blank and can be used as a guest log at Baby Showers and other events.

    This gifting option is great for in-person communities such as neighborhoods, workplaces, apartment buildings, and congregations.

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Peipeis in Action

  • Baby Peipei, Boho Rainbow with Huckleberry and Custom Book. A folded peipei and book are tied with a fabric ribbon. The book title reads

    The New Aunt

    Your sister-in-law is pregnant and you're going to be an aunt! You’re hosting her Baby Shower and want to present her with a group-gifted peipei.

    On the invitations, you add the line "In lieu of cards, please contribute to Baby's peipei and submit a wish..."

  • Baby Peipei, reserve a peipei to crowdfund. In the background, a pregnant Black couple are sitting on a couch looking at a laptop. In the foreground, their two children, a toddler boy and older sister, are sitting on the floor and drawing

    The Third Baby

    You’re expecting your third child and even though you have everything you need, loved ones have requested a registry. Instead, you pick out a peipei and share the crowdfunding link...

  • Baby Peipei, Rainbow Patchwork Midi. A multicolored, patchwork quilt lays on a white background. It measures 20 inches by 30 inches. The bottom right corner is folded showing the blue organic cotton Sherpa backing

    The Workplace Family

    Your work husband and his husband are expecting a baby! They’ve been collecting baby items for a year and asked that you not go overboard with a gift. Ha! You purchase a peipei midi with a card and secretly pass them around the office...


Reasons to Love Baby Peipei

  • Baby Peipei. Handmade and Made by Hand icon. A hand with a heart

    Made by Hand

    Our peipeis are not mass-produced but made one-at-a-time by our children's nainai, or paternal grandmother, a master seamster

  • Baby Peipei, Organic and Eco-Conscious icon. A plant with two leaves inside a circle

    Organic and Eco-Conscious

    Made with 100% organic cotton that is printed with low-impact dyes, you can feel good about giving this gift to your village's youngest members

  • Baby Peipei, CPSC Certified Icon. A heart contains a checkmark and is on a ribbon

    C.P.S.C. Certified

    Peipeis and board books meet Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements

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100% Organic Cotton Backing

  • Baby Peipei, 100% Organic Cotton Fluffy Sherpa backing in cream weighing 600 grams per square meter / 600 GSM

    Fluffy Sherpa / Cream

    This Sherpa with sheep-like fluffy pile is our thickest!

  • Baby Peipei, 100% Organic Cotton Sherpa backing in Pacific blue made by Birch Organic Fabrics, weighing 425 grams per square meter / 425 GSM

    Furry Sherpa / Pacific Blue

    With long individual strands, this backing is soft and shaggy

  • Baby Peipei, 100% Organic Cotton Sherpa backing in butter/light yellow made by Birch Organic Fabrics, , weighing 425 grams per square meter / 425 GSM

    Furry Sherpa / Butter

    We couldn't get enough of the furry Sherpa, so we offer it in two colors!

  • Baby Peipei, 100% Organic Cotton Sweatshirt Fleece backing in cream made by Birch Organic Fabrics. Both sides are visible. Our peipeis have the cozy fleece, the part that is inside a sweatshirt, exposed. Weighing 320 grams per square meter / 320 GSM

    Sweatshirt Fleece / Cream

    The comfort of a favorite blanket meets the coziness of a new sweatshirt