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What is a "Peipei"?

Baby Peipei Patchwork Heart. Three brightly colored, handmade, organic patchwork heart quilts hand on the side of a white crib.

peipei 被被


blankie in Cantonese

  • our organic patchwork quilts come with a book or card filled with wishes from a baby's village

  • peipeis are handmade in Brooklyn, NY and are made with 100% organic cotton
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Gifting Options

Baby Peipei Free Card with Optional Message. A card made with low-impact dyes and recycled materials with text "A Peipei for You" sites on am organic table.

Peipei + Card

A Thoughtful Keepsake

  • our eco-friendly cards are made from 100% recycled paper and printed using plant-based toners

  • add a gift message for free!
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Baby Peipei crowdfunding service. Image has a tablet with a webpage, a closed book, and an open book. The webpage'd text reads "A Peipei for Baby" and "The Patches"  and images show a wuilt, a progress bar, and the patches in the quilt available for purchase. The title of the closed book is "A Peipei for You" and the open book shows people's messages alongside images of the patches that they purchased

Peipei + Webpage + Book

A Meaningful Group Gift

  • friends and family contribute to a peipei's purchase by buying patches and submitting wishes

  • your peipei's personalized webpage streamlines the process for you!

  • once peipei is fulfilled, we compile the wishes into a custom, USA-made keepsake board book
Group Peipeis

Group Gifting a Peipei

Baby Peipei "Group-gifting a peipei" Step 1. A woman stands in front of four handmade, organic quilts. Three are small thumbnails, one is large. There is a yellow sunburst around the large patchwork heart quilt, indication her selection

1 Choose your peipei

a $25 deposit is all you need to get started!

Group Peipeis
Baby Peipei "Group-gifting a peipei" Step 2. A tablet showing a simplified crowdfunding webpage. In the upper right corner is the share icon with three circles. The two circles to the side have icons, one for facebook and one for email

2 Share the personalized webpage

you'll receive your link within 2 business days

Webpage Example
Baby Peipei "Group-gifting a peipei" Step 3. Top to bottom; One woman with a progress bar 25% full. Two men with a progress bar 50% full. An elderly couple with a progress bar 100% full

3 Watch peipei get funded

the progress bar will update as patches are purchased & wishes are collected

Baby Peipei "Group-gifting a peipei" Step 4. An open book with patches and messages. Hearts point to the messages. Two spots are blank, representing the process of filling in messages from loved ones

4 Wait for peipei's arrival

we'll need 2-3 weeks to create your book & ship your peipei

Baby Peipei "Group-gifting a peipei" Step 5. In the background is a diverse crowd including the 5 people from Step 3. In the foreground is the woman from step 1 presenting the handmade organic heart peipei and customized book to two woman. One woman is pregnant and holding her belly

5 Give your peipei

your peipei and book will arrive in a gift box ready for giving!

Group Peipeis

Group Gift for...

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Baby Peipei "Group Gift For" collage. Four images form a collage. From top left clockwise: a baby shower scene, a handmade organic patchwork quilt, a candid shot family in a living room with the mom in the background on her laptop on the couch, and a handmade organic custom bee and beehive quilt.,

A Baby Shower

Your sister-in-law is pregnant and you're going to be an aunt! You’re hosting her Baby Shower and want to present her with a group gift.

You find a peipei that will perfectly match the baby's nursery and reserve it by paying the $25 deposit. On the invitations, you add the line "In lieu of cards, please contribute to Baby's peipei and submit a wish." You include the peipei's webpage address along with registry information.

The peipei and book arrive in a gift box. You present the peipei to the mom-to-be and when she realizes that the book is filled with wishes from her loved ones, she is overcome with joy.

You've totally secured your spot as the best aunt ever!

Your Workplace Family

Your work husband and his husband are expecting a baby! They’ve been collecting baby items for a year and ask that you don’t go overboard with a gift. Ha!

You purchase a peipei midi with a card and secretly pass them around the office. Everyone comments how soft and snuggly the peipei is and enthusiastically contributes money and signs the card.

You and your work family present the expectant fathers with the peipei. As they’re reading the messages in the card, the realization that their baby is already loved has them speechless. They’re glad you didn’t listen to them!

Your Third Baby

You’re expecting your third child and even though you have everything you need, loved ones have requested a registry.

Instead, you pick out a peipei and email the crowdfunding link to family, friends, and neighbors. You also share the link over social media and everyone is thrilled to be involved!

Now all you have to do is sit back and put up your swollen feet while Baby’s loved ones contribute to a meaningful gift!

Anyone in Your Village!

Peipeis aren't just for babies! Celebrate milestones such as 100 days, first birthdays, baptisms, high school graduations, and more!

Reasons to Love Baby Peipei

  • Baby Peipei. Handmade and Made by Hand icon. An open hand with a heart

    Made by Hand

    Our peipeis are not mass-produced but made one-at-a-time by our children's nainai, or paternal grandmother, a master seamster

  • Baby Peipei. Organic and Eco-Conscious icon. Inside a circle is a small plat growing out of the ground

    Organic and Eco-Conscious

    Made with 100% organic cotton that is printed with low-impact dyes, you can feel good about giving this gift to your village's youngest members

  • Baby Peipei. C.P.S.C. Certified icon. A checkmark inside a heart

    C.P.S.C. Certified

    Peipeis and board books meet and exceed Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements

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peipei 被被 • /pāy pāy/

1. blankie in Cantonese

2. a patchwork quilt inspired by baijia bei that comes with a book or card filled with wishes from a baby's village

bai jia bei 百家被 • /bī jə bāy/

1. one hundred families quilt

2. a beautiful Chinese tradition whereby family, friends, and village members contribute fabric to make a two-layered quilt for a new baby