A Peipei for Baby

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peipei 被被

/pāy•pāy/ noun
1. blankie in Cantonese
2. a wish-filled gift from baby's village that comes with a keepsake book filled with messages
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    Made by Hand

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    Organic and Eco-Conscious

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    CPSC Certified

The Patches

The Process

Welcome to the crowdfunding page for Baby's peipei!

This quilt that was inspired by the Baijia Bei tradition

In this a beautiful Chinese tradition, village members contributed pieces of fabric so a quilt could be made for a new baby

Please consider contributing to Baby's peipei by purchasing a patch or patches and sending wishes

How to Contribute:

  • Browse the patches above and click on your selection
  • Write your wish, message, quote, or anything you want to share with Baby
  • Purchase!


Gifts Included:

PEIPEI: a handmade, organic patchwork crib quilt


BOOK: a durable keepsake board book into which everyone's messages, alongside pictures of the fabric, will be compiled

Thank you for being a part of Baby's village!


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