A Peipei from Us: Pride 2023

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peipei 被被

/pāy•pāy/ noun
1. blankie in Cantonese
2. a gift from baby's village that comes with a keepsake book filled with messages
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The Process

The Bai·Jia·Bei Story

For countless generations, families across Northern China collected pieces of fabric to celebrate the auspicious occasion of a child's birth.

These pieces were then lovingly stitched into a patchwork quilt known as a bai·jia·bei (literal: "100 Families Quilt") and bestowed onto the newcomer, granting the child spiritual protection, longevity, and good fortune.

The quilt symbolizes the coming together of all the families in the village, while each patch carries with it the hopes and well wishes of the individual giver. For this reason, the bai·jia·bei is also known as a "100 Good Wishes Blanket."

In the spirit of the bai-jia-bei tradition, attendees of Montclair Pride contributed to a Pride Peipei and composed messages of love and good wishes. Their messages will be compiled and put inside a book and gifted with the peipei to a teenage village member who is struggling with a lack of acceptance and belonging

The Patches

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It takes a village

From Baby Peipei: Our children's nainai (paternal grandmother) taught us about a Chinese tradition called Bai Jia Bei whereby family, friends, and village members contribute fabric to make a quilt for a new baby.

This idea of a community-gifted quilt has inspired us to create patchwork peipeis and have Baby’s loved ones crowdfund them by purchasing the individual fabric patches.

About Us
A teddy bear holds a lovie

Love you can feel

What makes a peipei so special is the uniqueness of each person’s love. When a patch is purchased, each village member is asked to leave a special message for Baby.

These messages are incorporated into a board book that can be read and cherished forever.

Peipeis in Action
Baby Peipei - Camping Midi. A toddler sitting in a crib holding a security blanket

Treasured for a lifetime

All peipeis are handmade in Brooklyn, NY by NaiNai who has decades experience as a seamstress.

We chose soft poplin for the patchwork top and cozy cotton Sherpa for the backing. All fabrics we use are 100% organic cotton.

The professional craftwomanship and high-quality materials produce a blanket that will embrace the recipient for life; from tummy time to fort building and beyond!

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