A Peipei for Baby Curry



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peipei 被被

/pāy•pāy/ noun
1. blankie in Cantonese
2. a gift from baby's village that comes with a keepsake book filled with messages
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    Organic and Eco-Conscious

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The Process

Welcome to the crowdfunding page for Baby Curry's peipei!

A long, long time ago, there was a cherished baby who was part of a loving village.

The villagers were delighted to welcome their newest member and decided to bestow upon the baby a special gift. They collected many pieces of fabric and sewed them together to form a bai jia bei 百家被, or a “100 families quilt.”

It is said that a bai jia bei contains the love and well-wishes from a village. This custom has been passed down for thousands of years and now our loving village can participate in this tradition!

We will bestow upon Baby Curry a peipei 被被, or a handmade, patchwork “blankie.” 

Let's infuse love into its patches to comfort him and collect wishes to nourish him!

May Baby Curry know his village will cherish him forever  ♡ 


How to Contribute:

  • Browse the patches below and click on your selection  
  • Write your wish, message, quote, or anything you want to share with Baby
  • Purchase!


Gifts Included:


Peipei: a handmade, organic patchwork crib quilt

Book: a durable keepsake board book into which everyone's messages, alongside pictures of the fabric, will be compiled

Thank you for being a part of Baby Curry's village!

Learn More about Baby Peipei

It takes a village

From Baby Peipei: Our children's nainai (paternal grandmother) taught us about a Chinese tradition called Bai Jia Bei whereby family, friends, and village members contribute fabric to make a quilt for a new baby.

This idea of a community-gifted quilt has inspired us to create patchwork peipeis and have Baby’s loved ones crowdfund them by purchasing the individual fabric patches.

About Us
A teddy bear holds a lovie

Love you can feel

What makes a peipei so special is the uniqueness of each person’s love. When a patch is purchased, each village member is asked to leave a special message for Baby.

These messages are incorporated into a board book that can be read and cherished forever.

Peipeis in Action
Baby Peipei - Camping Midi. A toddler sitting in a crib holding a security blanket

Treasured for a lifetime

All peipeis are handmade in Brooklyn, NY by NaiNai who has decades experience as a seamstress.

We chose soft poplin for the patchwork top and cozy cotton Sherpa for the backing. All fabrics we use are 100% organic cotton.

The professional craftwomanship and high-quality materials produce a blanket that will embrace the recipient for life; from tummy time to fort building and beyond!

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